Commit ad60e348 authored by Pawel Sznajder's avatar Pawel Sznajder
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solve small problems related to dvmp observable implementation

parent cbe60842
......@@ -151,8 +151,8 @@ FROM dvmp_ccf_result ccfrc
INNER JOIN ccf_result ccfr ON ccfr.ccf_result_id = ccfrc.ccf_result_id
INNER JOIN dvmp_ccf_kinematic ccfk ON ccfk.dvmp_ccf_kinematic_id = ccfr.ccf_kinematic_id
INNER JOIN gpd_type gt ON ccfrc.gpd_type_id = gt.gpd_type_id
INNER JOIN meson_type mt ON ccfrk.meson_type_id = mt.meson_type_id
INNER JOIN meson_polarization mp ON ccfrk.meson_polarization_id = mp.meson_polarization_id
INNER JOIN meson_type mt ON ccfk.meson_type_id = mt.meson_type_id
INNER JOIN meson_polarization mp ON ccfk.meson_polarization_id = mp.meson_polarization_id
ORDER BY ccfr.ccf_result_id;
CREATE VIEW tcs_ccf_plot_2d_view AS
......@@ -117,7 +117,7 @@ void DVMPCFFGK06::configure(const ElemUtils::Parameters &parameters) {
if (parameters.isAvailable(
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