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......@@ -39,3 +39,21 @@ User | 25/02/2020 | 2.0 | [Download](
Developer | 25/02/2020 | 2.0 | [Download]( | 2.8 GB |
The `Developer` version has a set-up development environment in Eclipse to start contributing to the %PARTONS project, and has more packages installed, which makes the image heavier.
# Docker {#download_docker}
Docker images containing PARTONS with its runtime environment are available via [DockerHub](, see [here]( The basic usage is the following:
* pull the image (by default containing the latest version of PARTONS)
docker pull partons/partons
* run interactively
docker run -it --rm partons/partons
* use image as executable: run specific scenario (here: 'myScenario.xml') stored in your host (here: in 'ABSOLUTEPATH/MYDIR' directory)
docker run -it --rm -v ABSOLUTEPATH/MYDIR:/root/workspace/partons-example/scenarios partons/partons myScenario.xml
For more details please see Docker manual.
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