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* improve configuration with CMake
* Qt is version either Qt 4 or 5 can be used
* printing of versions improved
* automatic population of environment_configuration.dat file
* add new GPD types, namelly for transversity nad higher-twist GPDs
* add Docker configuration file with description
* remove MSTW files (now one can chose PDF with LHAPDF)
* addition of new exclusive production channel - DVMP
* addition of objects for collinear distributions, including services, DB connection, evolution
* addition of APFEL interface
* addition of LHAPDF interface
* addition of subtraction constant module related to Eur.Phys.J.C 81 (2021) 4, 300
* addition of GPD module related to Phys.Rev.D 103 (2021) 11, 114019
* addtion of GPD model used in Phys. Lett. B 805 (2020) 135454
* addition of few observable modules, like for the evaluation of backward-forward asymmetry for TCS, or total cross-section for DVCS
* addition to new runnung coupling and threshold modules, mostly related to APFEL
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*Initial version*
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*Initial version*
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