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add example to evaluate ccf for mesons

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This scenario demonstrates a simple task as the evaluation of DVMP Compton Form Factors (CFF) in a single kinematic point. The result of this scenario is printed out to the standard output. These are CFF values for all GPD types defined in the selected GPD model.
<!-- Scenario starts here -->
<!-- For your convenience and for bookkeeping provide creation date and unique description -->
<scenario date="2017-07-18" description="DVMP CFF evaluation for single kinematics example">
<!-- First task: evaluate DVCS CFF for a single kinematics -->
<!-- Indicate service and its methods to be used and indicate if the result should be stored in the database -->
<task service="DVMPConvolCoeffFunctionService" method="computeSingleKinematic" storeInDB="0">
<!-- Define DVCS CFF kinematics -->
<kinematics type="DVMPConvolCoeffFunctionKinematic">
<param name="xi" value="0.01" />
<param name="t" value="-0.1" />
<param name="Q2" value="4." />
<param name="MuF2" value="4." />
<param name="MuR2" value="4." />
<param name="meson" value="rho0" />
<param name="mesonPolarization" value="L" />
<!-- Define physics assumptions -->
<!-- Select DVCS CFF model -->
<module type="DVMPConvolCoeffFunctionModule" name="DVMPCFFGK06">
<!-- Indicate pQCD order of calculation -->
<param name="qcd_order_type" value="LO" />
<!-- Select GPD model -->
<module type="GPDModule" name="GPDGK16">
<!-- Second task: print results of the last computation into standard output -->
<task service="DVMPConvolCoeffFunctionService" method="printResults">
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