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folder data/ with scenario and xmlSchema

Some modifications to the conf files, as in PARTONS
partons/core/partons#21 partons/core/partons#22 partons/core/partons#28
parent e45f7f03
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
<launchConfiguration type="org.eclipse.ui.externaltools.ProgramBuilderLaunchConfigurationType">
<booleanAttribute key="org.eclipse.ui.externaltools.ATTR_BUILDER_ENABLED" value="false"/>
<stringAttribute key="org.eclipse.ui.externaltools.ATTR_DISABLED_BUILDER" value="org.eclipse.cdt.managedbuilder.core.genmakebuilder"/>
<mapAttribute key="org.eclipse.ui.externaltools.ATTR_TOOL_ARGUMENTS"/>
<booleanAttribute key="org.eclipse.ui.externaltools.ATTR_TRIGGERS_CONFIGURED" value="true"/>
\ No newline at end of file
# environment_configuration.dat
# The content of this file is stored in the database during the insertion of data,
# so latter one can easily reproduce the used computational environment.
# You can fill the field system with the content of the command "uname -a",
# and fill the other fields with the software versions.
# E.g. g++: 4.9.2
# TODO: Fill this.
\ No newline at end of file
# Enable logger job TRUE or FALSE
enable = true
# General system policy - values are ERROR, WARN, INFO, DEBUG
default.level = INFO
# Print mode values are COUT, FILE or BOTH
print.mode = BOTH
log.folder.path = bin/tmp
#logger.DExpIntegrator1D = ERROR
# Configuration file of Logger.
# The path to this file should be set in via log.file.path option.
# Enable Logger:
# true - Logger enabled
# false - Logger disabled
enable = true
# Logger output policy:
# ERROR - print errors only
# WARN - print warnings and errors only
# INFO - print info, warnings and errors only
# DEBUG - print all, i.e.: debug, info, warnings and errors
default.level = INFO
# Logger output policy may be also set locally, i.e. for a single PARTONS module. E.g.
# logger.DVCSCFFHeavyQuarkModel = DEBUG
# can be used to set the debugging mode for DVCSCFFHeavyQuarkModel module only
# Logger destination:
# COUT - standard output only
# FILE - text file only
# BOTH - both standard output and text file
print.mode = BOTH
# Path to the directory containing Logger output text files
log.folder.path = bin/tmp
\ No newline at end of file
log.file.path = bin/logger.cfg
log.file.path = bin/ = ../partons/data/scenario/ = data/examples/ = ../partons/data/grid/
......@@ -16,16 +16,16 @@ database.production.passwd = partons
##### system #####
# Environment configuration
environment.configuration.file.path = ../partons/environment_configuration.dat
environment.configuration.file.path = bin/environment_configuration.dat
# Thread
computation.nb.processor = 1
# Automation
xml.schema.file.path = ../partons/data/automation/xmlSchema.xsd
xml.schema.file.path = data/xmlSchema.xsd
# Temporary working directory = /home/partons/git/partons-example/bin/tmp = bin/tmp/
gpd.service.batch.size = 10000
ccf.service.batch.size = 1000
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<xs:schema xmlns:xs="">
<xs:element name="scenario" type="scenarioType" />
<xs:element name="computation_configuration" type="computationConfigurationType" />
<xs:complexType name="scenarioType">
<xs:element name="task" type="taskType" maxOccurs="unbounded" />
<xs:attribute name="date" type="xs:date" use="required" />
<xs:attribute name="description" type="xs:string" use="required" />
<xs:complexType name="paramType">
<xs:attribute name="name" type="xs:string" use="required" />
<xs:attribute name="value" type="xs:string" use="required" />
<xs:complexType name="taskType">
<xs:element name="task_param" type="taskParamType"
minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="unbounded" />
<xs:element name="kinematics" type="kinematicsType"
minOccurs="0" />
<xs:element name="computation_configuration" type="computationConfigurationType"
minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1" />
<xs:attribute name="service" type="xs:string" use="required" />
<xs:attribute name="method" type="xs:string" use="required" />
<xs:attribute name="storeInDB" type="xs:boolean" use="optional" />
<xs:complexType name="computationConfigurationType">
<xs:element name="module" type="moduleType" maxOccurs="unbounded" />
<xs:complexType name="kinematicsType">
<xs:element name="param" type="paramType" maxOccurs="unbounded" />
<xs:attribute name="type" type="xs:string" use="required" />
<xs:complexType name="moduleType">
<xs:element name="param" type="paramType" minOccurs="0"
maxOccurs="unbounded" />
<xs:element name="module" type="moduleType" minOccurs="0"
maxOccurs="unbounded" />
<xs:attribute name="type" type="xs:string" use="required" />
<xs:attribute name="name" type="xs:string" use="required" />
<xs:complexType name="taskParamType">
<xs:element name="param" type="paramType" minOccurs="0"
maxOccurs="unbounded" />
<xs:attribute name="type" type="xs:string" use="required" />
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